Source code for parsons.notifications.smtp

import smtplib

from parsons.notifications.sendmail import SendMail
from parsons.utilities.check_env import check

[docs]class SMTP(SendMail): """Create a SMTP object, for sending emails. `Args:` host: str The host of the SMTP server port: int The port of the SMTP server (Default is 587 for TLS) username: str The username of the SMTP server login password: str The password of the SMTP server login tls: bool Defaults to True -- pass "0" or "False" to SMTP_TLS to disable close_manually: bool When set to True, send_message will not close the connection """ def __init__( self, host=None, port=None, username=None, password=None, tls=None, close_manually=False, ): = check("SMTP_HOST", host) self.port = check("SMTP_PORT", port, optional=True) or 587 self.username = check("SMTP_USER", username) self.password = check("SMTP_PASSWORD", password) self.tls = not (check("SMTP_TLS", tls, optional=True) in ("false", "False", "0", False)) self.close_manually = close_manually self.conn = None def get_connection(self): if self.conn is None: self.conn = smtplib.SMTP(, self.port) self.conn.ehlo() if self.tls: self.conn.starttls() self.conn.login(self.username, self.password) return self.conn def _send_message(self, message): """Send an email message. `Args:` message: `MIME object <>` i.e. the objects created by the create_* instance methods `Returns:` dict of refused To addresses (otherwise None) """"Sending a message...") try: conn = self.get_connection() result = conn.sendmail( message["From"], [x.strip() for x in message["To"].split(",")], message.as_string(), ) except Exception: self.log.exception("An error occurred: while attempting to send a message.") raise if result: self.log.warning("Message failed to send to some recipients: " + str(result)) if not self.close_manually: conn.quit() self.conn = None return result