TargetSmart provides access to voter and consumer data for the progressive community.

TargetSmart Developer API

Parsons provides methods to consume the data services provided by the TargetSmart Developer API. These services include both low latency search and asynchronous list matching.

TargetSmart Automation Workflows

Parsons provides methods for interacting with TargetSmart Automation Workflows, a solution for executing custom file processing workflows programmatically. In some cases, TargetSmart will provide custom list matching solutions using Automation Workflows.


TargetSmart Developer API versus Automation

Unless TargetSmart has provided a custom workflow solution for you, you can ignore the Automation information.

TargetSmart’s Developer API provides an HTTP-based interface for consuming the general web services that TargetSmart provides. The TargetSmart Automation system solely provides a solution for consuming customized file processing workflows that are provisioned for specific client needs. TargetSmart Automation is based on SFTP instead of HTTP.