Source code for parsons.ngpvan.printed_lists

"""NGPVAN Saved List Endpoints"""

from parsons.etl.table import Table
import logging

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class PrintedLists(object): def __init__(self, van_connection): self.connection = van_connection
[docs] def get_printed_lists( self, generated_after=None, generated_before=None, created_by=None, folder_name=None, turf_name=None, ): """ Get printed lists. `Args:` folder_id: int Filter by the id for a VAN folder. If included returns only the saved lists in the folder `Returns:` Parsons Table See :ref:`parsons-table` for output options. """ params = { "generatedAfter": generated_after, "generatedBefore": generated_before, "createdBy": created_by, "folderName": folder_name, "turfName": turf_name, } params = {key: value for key, value in params.items() if value is not None} tbl = Table(self.connection.get_request("printedLists", params=params))"Found {tbl.num_rows} printed lists.") return tbl
[docs] def get_printed_list(self, printed_list_number): """ Returns a printed list object. `Args:` printed_list_number: int The printed list number `Returns:` dict """ r = self.connection.get_request(f"printedLists/{printed_list_number}")"Found printed list {printed_list_number}.") return r