Source code for parsons.census.census

import logging
from parsons.utilities.api_connector import APIConnector
from parsons.utilities import check_env
from parsons import Table

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Census(object): """ Class that creates a connector to the Census Bureau API """ def __init__(self, api_key=None): """ Instantiate Census class. Args: api_key: string, key for Census API access (optional, can also be pulled from environment variable CENSUS_API_KEY) """ self.api_key = check_env.check("CENSUS_API_KEY", api_key) = ""
[docs] def get_census( self, year=None, dataset_acronym=None, variables=None, location=None ): """ Pull census data. For background check out the `Census API Guide <>`_ Args: year: 4-digit string or integer e.g. '2019' or 2019 dataset_acronym: string with dataset name e.g. '/acs/acs1' variables: comma-separated string with variable names e.g. 'NAME,B01001_001E' location: string with desired locations e.g. 'us:*' Return: Parsons table with data """ # set up the URL g = "?get=" usr_key = f"&key={self.api_key}" year = str(year) # in case someone passes int location = "&for=" + location query_url = ( f"{}/{year}{dataset_acronym}{g}{variables}{location}{usr_key}" ) # create connector connector = APIConnector( # pull data response = connector.get_request(url=query_url) # turn into Parsons table and return it return Table(response)