Source code for parsons.ngpvan.changed_entities

"""NGPVAN Changed Entities"""

from parsons.etl.table import Table
import logging

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ChangedEntities(object): def __init__(self): pass
[docs] def get_changed_entity_resources(self): """ Get changed entity resources available to the API user. `Returns:` list """ r = self.connection.get_request(f'changedEntityExportJobs/resources')'Found {len(r)} changed entity resources.') return r
[docs] def get_changed_entity_resource_fields(self, resource_type): """ Get export fields avaliable for each changed entity resource. `Args:` resource_type: str `Returns:` Parsons Table See :ref:`parsons-table` for output options. """ tbl = Table(self.connection.get_request(f'changedEntityExportJobs/fields/{resource_type}'))'Found {tbl.num_rows} fields for {resource_type}.') return tbl