The Airtable class allows you to interact with an Airtable. base. In order to use this class you must generate an Airtable API Key which can be found in your Airtable account settings.


Finding The Base Key

The easiest place to find the base_key for the base that you wish to interact with is via the Airtable API documentation.

  • Go to the Airtable API Base List and select the base.

  • The url of the resulting page will contain the base_key.

  • Example:[BASE_KEY]/api/docs#curl/introduction


To instantiate the Airtable class, you can either store your Airtable API AIRTABLE_API_KEY as an environmental variable or pass in your api key as an argument. You also need to pass in the base key and table name.

from parsons import Airtable

# First approach: Use API credentials via environmental variables and pass
# the base key and the table as arguments.
at = Airtable(base_key, 'table01')

# Second approach: Pass API credentials, base key and table name as arguments.
at = Airtable(base_key, 'table01', api_key='MYFAKEKEY')

You can then call various endpoints:

# Get records from a base
at.get_records(fields=['id', 'fn', 'ln'])

# Get a single record from a base

# Insert records