CrowdTangle is a Facebook-owned content monitoring and social monitoring platform. This Parsons integration with the CrowdTangle API supports getting posts and leaderboard data.



An API Token is required to access the API. Assuming you have access to the CrowdTangle API, you can find the API Token in your dashboard under Settings > API Access. Contact your CrowdTangle representative for access.

Rate Limits

The CrowdTangle API has strict rate limits that vary depending on the endpoint. In the CrowdTangle class, method docstrings indicate the rate limit for the relevant endpoint. For more information on rate limits and best practices for meeting them, check the API documentation.


CrowdTangle queries are expensive because they search and score billions of posts. Calls should be made from your server and stored in order to avoid making API calls every time someone hits your app server.


To instantiate the CrowdTangle class,either store your CrowdTangle API as the environmental variable CROWDTANGLE_API_KEY or pass it as a keyword argument: