Source code for parsons.twilio.twilio

from import Client
from parsons.utilities import check_env, json_format
from parsons.etl import Table
import logging

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Twilio: """ Instantiate the Twilio class `Args:` account_sid: str The Twilio account sid. Not required if ``TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID`` env variable is passed. auth_token: str The Twilio auth token. Not required if ``TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN`` env variable is passed. `Returns`: Twilio class """ def __init__(self, account_sid=None, auth_token=None): self.account_sid = check_env.check('TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID', account_sid) self.auth_token = check_env.check('TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN', auth_token) self.client = Client(self.account_sid, self.auth_token) def _table_convert(self, obj): tbl = Table([x.__dict__['_properties'] for x in obj]) if 'subresource_uris' in tbl.columns and 'uri' in tbl.columns: tbl.remove_column('subresource_uris', 'uri') return tbl
[docs] def get_account(self, account_sid): """ Get Twilio account `Args:` account_sid: str The Twilio account sid `Returns:` dict """ r = self.client.api.accounts(account_sid)'Retrieved {account_sid} account.') return r.__dict__
[docs] def get_accounts(self, name=None, status=None): """ Get Twilio accounts including subaccounts. `Args:` name: str Filter to name of the account status: str Filter to an account status of ``active``, ``closed`` or ``suspended``. `Returns:` Parsons Table See :ref:`parsons-table` for output options. """ r = self.client.api.accounts.list(friendly_name=name, status=status) tbl = self._table_convert(r)'Retrieved {tbl.num_rows} accounts.') return tbl
[docs] def get_account_usage(self, category=None, start_date=None, end_date=None, time_period=None, group_by=None, exclude_null=False): """ Get Twilio account usage. `Args:` category: str Filter to a specific type of usage category. The list of possibilities can be found `here <>`_. start_date: str Filter to usage from a specific start date (ex. ``2019-01-01``). end_date: str Filter to usage from a specific end date (ex. ``2019-01-01``). time_period: str A convenience method to filter usage. Can be one of ``today``, ``yesterday``, ``this_month``, ``last_month``. group_by: str The time interval to group usage by. Can be one of ``daily``, ``monthly`` or ``yearly``. exclude_null: boolean Exclude rows that have no usage. `Returns:` Parsons Table See :ref:`parsons-table` for output options. """ # noqa: E501,E261 # Add populated arguments args = {'category': category, 'start_date': start_date, 'end_date': end_date} args = json_format.remove_empty_keys(args) # Parse out the time_periods if time_period == 'today': r =**args) elif time_period == 'yesterday': r = self.client.usage.records.yesterday.list(**args) elif time_period == 'this_month': r = self.client.usage.records.this_month.list(**args) elif time_period == 'last_month': r = self.client.usage.records.last_month.list(**args) # Parse out the group by elif group_by == 'daily': r = self.client.usage.records.daily.list(**args) elif group_by == 'monthly': r = self.client.usage.records.monthly.list(**args) elif group_by == 'yearly': r = self.client.usage.records.yearly.list(**args) else: r = self.client.usage.records.list(**args) tbl = self._table_convert(r) if exclude_null: tbl.remove_null_rows('count', null_value='0') return tbl
[docs] def get_messages(self, to=None, from_=None, date_sent=None, date_sent_before=None, date_sent_after=None): """ Get Twilio messages. `Args:` to: str Filter to messages only sent to the specified phone number. from_: str Filter to messages only sent from the specified phone number. date_sent: str Filter to messages only sent on the specified date (ex. ``2019-01-01``). date_sent_before: str Filter to messages only sent before the specified date (ex. ``2019-01-01``). date_sent_after: str Filter to messages only sent after the specified date (ex. ``2019-01-01``). `Returns:` Parsons Table See :ref:`parsons-table` for output options. """ r = self.client.messages.list(to=to, from_=from_, date_sent=date_sent, date_sent_before=date_sent_before, date_sent_after=date_sent_after) tbl = self._table_convert(r)'Retrieved {tbl.num_rows} messages.') return tbl